About us
Let us tell a little bit more about our café. Some of you already even know us, some probably not and wondering how we open our Russian café in Thimphu.
Well, I'm Natalia and I'm Russian married with Bhutanese. My husband Tashi is originally from Trashigang. We have three daughters. I love to bake and bread is the very important for Russian culture. I learn how to make bread from my mother and grandma. But it was not easy to bake bread in Bhutan due to different climate and attitude as well as flour and water.
All our bread made only from natural ingredients and actually is very simple: water, flour, salt, yeast. But the technology is not simple. There are many steps to make a good quality bread. Our dough for bread is long fermented in different range of temperature. It takes minimum 18 hours to get bread ready.
Our concept is to use local ingredients as much as we can find in local market. We always buy local vegetables from the Sabji bazaar. We make our own cottage cheese and cream from local milk. We don't add any additional preservatives or test improvers in our kitchen. We believe that the best test comes from natural ingredients.